Staking Economy ETH2 Launch Event

Join our 2h webinar on all things ETH staking on Dec 3, 6pm UTC.

After years of research, development, and testing - Ethereum's transition to Proof-of-Stake will officially begin with the launch of the Beacon Chain today, December 1st, 2020 at noon UTC.

At Staking Economy, we wanted to take this opportunity to host a first webinar event designed to prepare ETH holders interested in staking, be it as node operators or participants in a pooling solution.

This 2h event will be hosted on Zoom and livestreamed to the Chorus One YouTube channel. Zoom participants will be able to ask questions during the event and each speaker will take some time to answer. To be added to the calendar invite with the Zoom link, subscribe to the Staking Economy newsletter that is delivering updates from various Proof-of-Stake networks in a bi-weekly manner.

In total, there will be 6 short presentations covering a range of topics including Ethereum staking economics, insights and results from a UX study of Ethereum staking, as well as intros to the Prysm validator client, and to pooled staking projects Rocket Pool & Lido.

Agenda (approximate times in UTC)

6:00pm - Felix Lutsch (Chorus One and Staking Economy):

6:20pm - Collin Myers (ConsenSys Codefi):
Introduction to Ethereum Economics

6:40pm - Aqeel Mohammad (EMPIRE):
Crafting the Staking and Validator User Experience for Ethereum 2.0

7:00pm - Preston van Loon (Prysmatic Labs):
Introduction to the Prysm Validator Client

7:20pm - Vasiliy Shapovalov (P2P Validator):
Introduction to Lido

7:40pm - David Rugendyke (Rocket Pool):
Introduction to Rocket Pool

We look forward to seeing you on Thursday!

Your Staking Economy Team

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